I do feel a *tiny* bit sorry for Boris Johnson. He schemed his way up to the job he always wanted, throwing people under the bus along the way, but all all he will be remembered for is Brexit and COVID-19.

@jamie I don't know about throwing people under the bus, it's probably the case that he's the one who climbed to the top of the pile of rotten potatoes.

Nobody is going to achieve glory for coping with Covid-19. Sure, the New Zealand PM has done well but she was able to close borders unilaterally.

We have been tied by the EU Open Borders policy which we're following in spite of Brexit. The only good grace Boris has shown is the willingness to help individuals and businesses against EU dictates

@neildarlow True. I don’t dislike Boris as much as some. My feeling is that he hoped to get Brexit out of the way (haha) and then lead a reasonably progressive government. It’s doubtful that he’ll be able to achieve anything much outside of the big two issues of the day.

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