@fitheach Not sure what the law is south of the border.

@wizardofosmium @fitheach Congrats. We have a mongrel Collie hybrid thing and he has the most wonderful personality.

On the bus right now, mother to young daughter who pressed the bell:

That’s naughty! NO! (audible smack) Ya can’t do that shit!

Child rearing at it’s finest.

@basil Haha. People keep telling him his maths is wrong and he just keeps repeating that they had 228 fatalities in 2018.

@fitheach I still don't find digital planning / organisational tools particularly useful - perhaps with the exception of a calendar.

Too many distractions for me.

@fitheach Paper planners seem to be making a come-back. If you'd stuck with it you might have been the height of fashion 😀

@methoddan They’re named in alphabetical order and from suggestions from the public each year.

This year V will be Vince (if there are that many), which sounds pretty mean.

I do agree though.

@basil I had a train booked for Huddersfield last week. Turned up to the station, train was there but no one turned up to drive it. Asked a random bloke in a uniform what was going on and he said ‘fuck knows’ 😄

@basil I used to have something like this on my motorbike helmet:


Looked like a dork, but it worked well enough.


@basil Is it still only a fine and points? Should be classed as dangerous driving.

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