@dick_turpin Completely agree with this. It's just too much. I put a filter on the topic on Feedly and it's blocked over 2000 articles in the last four days and that's only from a handful of publications.


@basil I’ll be the odd one out and say that I don’t mind Teams. I don’t like the people on it much though.


@andyc But, in testament to the video quality on Zoom, my boss told me that she could see me rolling my eyes.

@andyc Someone suggested a 'happy hour' zoom call to me today. Fancy dress was mentioned too. They can fuck right off.

@dick_turpin Yep - my RSS feeds have been much busier over the past week or so.

@stardot Me too. I saw it in the local paper after the event. Assume it was organised on Facebook.

@wyliecoyoteuk Your figures rely on the train of transmission being largely unbroken - I think, but not positive.

@emelie I’m a 38 year old man, so really wasn’t sure it was going to be my thing but I’m completely addicted. It’s so much fun.

@emelie I am enjoying Animal Crossing much more than I expected. I’m only on day 2 - grinding away to build the shop!

@basil The US, and particularly New York, look to be in big trouble soon by those graphs.


@dick_turpin What’s the tablet - looks like an iPad, but I don’t think it is?

@vfrmedia I know that Microsoft gets some stick, but thank god for Office 365. It’s made transitioning a boat load of regular users to remote ones a piece of cake.

@andyc I drove into the city centre this morning to pick up everything I need from the office. Didn't seem any quieter than any other day.

@dick_turpin I suspect they'll open the trade counter only to stop people going in for their garden supplies.

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