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Mastodon is eating my VPS alive, so going to try and move it home. This will probably go completely wrong.

42% of my internet traffic goes to servers belonging to Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook or Amazon. Not sure if that’s surprising or not.

I've been reading a lot about government finances over the past few days.

I know now know a lot more than I did, a lot less than I probably should - but enough to know that we are in for a long scary ride when this is over.

This is the only thing that I will show from my personal website of 2004:

Also found the *almost* complete website for the Scarborough Linux User Group, which I wrote in 2003. All plain html and CSS, so still works! History!

Tidying up my computer and have found an old personal website from 2004.

There is a bio on it.

I was clearly a complete twat.


Motorway service station management feel that we need telling to physically distance ourselves at urinals, forgetting that we are genetically predisposed to do just that.

I have to reboot my linux servers more often than my windows laptop.

Looking forward to seeing how people use this. I've got loads of old lenses I could use with it - not sure what for though. High quality webcam?

🤷🏻‍♂️ looks like they cache external profiles and toots. That’s okay, I guess. Just weird how it looks like I live there.

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Or maybe I don’t understand how any of this works.

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Interesting. I have absolutely 100% never had an account at Gab.

Experimenting with using NDI and OBS to use my iPad as a wireless webcam for Zoom. Works great!

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